Eat it or not eat it? Chemist pointing his finger at the croissant

Bad news for all ice cream lovers: The Dutch chemist pointed his finger at the famous chocolate tip of the croissant. It is harmful to health.

If you are a fan of tip of ice cream coneThis could be devastating news. It seems that the part that many consider the best of the whole ice cream cone can cause gods Risks to your health. At this point there will be those who will continue to take it and those who prefer to maintain their health.

To take out the information, as reported in “Italian Cuisine”, it was Dutch chemist Bert Wickheesen, from Utrecht University. According to the expert analysis, the chocolate head of the croissant is Very rich in saturated fatswhich is not at all a cure for all diseases of the body.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that, in general, an ice cream cone is a dessert in all respects and its abuse, like all foods rich in sugar, is not a healthy habit. This is correct Consume it in moderationThus, without necessarily having to deprive himself of them.

Also because, let’s face it, who has never tried asking a chocolate-rich second tip from someone who (rarely) doesn’t consume it? Meanwhile, according to Bert Wickesen, we must completely give up To accommodate a sweet chocolate tip, Error in the chocolate manufacturing process same.

What makes the tip of the famous ice cream cone so dangerous?

According to the field analyzes by the chemist, the method To strengthen the chocolate, which fills the last part of the wafer cone, is very complicated detailing it and all the necessary steps to make it productive potentially harmful For those who will consume it after the final product.

In the production stage, the chocolate must undergo a process hydrogenation, which allows the chocolate to always remain solid even after the ice cream has come out of the freezer. Mainly hydrogenation technology Changes the melting point of chocolatethat is, the temperature will change from the solid state to the liquid state.

This is achieved by introducing a hydrogen molecule into the chocolate. This procedure is considered a health risk due to Converts unsaturated fats From chocolate to solid fats, thus transforming in saturated fats. This category of fat is the least healthy and considered extremely dangerous, especially for Cardiovascular systembecause it induces increased cholesterol Harmful.

Saturated fatty acids are found in many industrial foods such as packaged snacks, lard, and processed meats; It is clear that the advice of doctors is Consume it in moderation. According to the World Health Organization, a maximum of 10% of daily calories can be consumed so as not to affect cholesterol levels.

In short, to consume yes, but in great moderation. Now the debate is opened (also internally) about what to do with the chocolate tip for a croissant: Eat it or not eat it? This will be the real summer dilemma.

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