Elden Ring and Bloodborne have solved the stuttering problem, but only on remastered PS4 – Nerd4.life

One of the problems with FromSoftware games on PS4 and Xbox One is stuttering, like blood borne And also the latest elden ring. someone amateur patches However, they fixed it on mod PS4s, as shown by Rich Leadbetter in a recent Digital Foundry video.

By stuttering, we mean precise clicks or shots that can be observed during a game. Stuttering, in the case of FromSoftware games, is caused by frames appearing on the screen that are slower or faster than the standard 33ms. This difference is seen as a surprise, although the fluidity technically remains at 30fps.

The patches solve the problem by simplifying frame times, thus erasing them stammer. There are patches for Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Elden Ring can also be patched (the patch is available for network testing), although the game is not compatible with the modified PS4.

In the video, we can see Leadbetter talking to Illusion, the hacker who authored the patches, which according to FromSoftware uses a special tool to block frame rate, which is the source of the problems. To solve it, simply replace the FromSoftware code with the standard Sony code. It is unfortunate that doing so generates so little input delay.

After all, FromSoftware is certainly not famous for the technical cleanliness of its games, which is often lacking in this sense. We hope to improve with the following titles.

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