“Eric and Quinn? It’s over too quickly. Donna will have to change!”

In these years, this John McCook (Translator Eric Forrester in beautifulHe was a big fan of the relationship between his character and Queen Forester It was never a secret. The actress praised her colleague on every occasion Rina Sofer, who for six years was her main partner in the theater. So it’s no surprise how many commented on the breakup of their marriage ruling in current marriages American bets of soap. fresh from the beginning Amy’s day As Best Leading Actor, McCook admitted some statements to Soaps.com:

Eric begins a new chapter in his life and that always inspires the actor. We artists are as interested in what happens on soap as the audience is at home.

Eric’s new history page, as you’ll know if you follow us, is to resume the relationship with him Logan woman, with whom he had a secret extramarital affair for several months. After being caught in bed with his lover by his wife Quinn, Eric justifies himself, believing that what prompted him was the belief that his wife still loved him. Carter Waltondespite asking them months ago to go home and fix their relationship.

Jamil: “Donna must be different”

The stylist explained why he wanted to be with Donna: She’s easy, less complicated than Quinn, loves it and gives it lightness. Would these be any good reasons to reconcile with Logan’s ex-wife? Maybe yes, but McCook has a clear opinion: Donna should change a little.

Jennifer (Garris, who plays Donna) and she’s talked a lot about it: What would have to be different for this time to work? I also talked about it with my wife, with whom I watch beautiful episodes on TV and think Donna needs to adjust a little. Her charisma and partly coquetry must remain, but if Eric wants to bring her back into his life, next to him as the lady of the house, the mother with a picture on the wall, must be different!

Beautiful American Expectations: Eric and Quinn end their relationship in one episode

Old fans will remember Donna Logan much less than she is now, intriguing, cunning and even ready to harness her hands. During the relationship with Eric, things gradually changed and the character was increasingly given a comic caliber, almost “ridiculous”, which put her first in front of the light curtains. Pam Douglas (Also softened by the darker role at first) Then, simply, to jokes about “honey teddy bear”, or Eric himself.

Lighter traits should become a special aspect of the couple’s life, while it would be interesting to see Eric direct Donna to dress and act differently, perhaps better suited to a more important role.

Will this happen? Meanwhile, the actor wasn’t shy about expressing a small blame for the way the book handled the breakup between Eric and Quinn, many years later:

It would have taken a week of episodes, but instead they focused everything into one episode. But the decision was not up to me. Rena and I got a little pissed off at the idea of ​​having to shut everything down in a few minutes, but I think the scenes, with their dialogue, were still pretty good.

As we reported, in fact, the couple simply realized that they were infatuated with other people, and perhaps it was time to accept the need to take different paths. Certainly a mature attitude, but it removed the drama one would expect when one finds their partner in bed with another.

Eric invited himself Quinn to break up Carter’s wedding to Paris Buckingham. The absence of any hatred or conflict seems to deprive the couple who formed with the end of this marriage of possible ideas for the near future. After all, when Eric decided to leave Donna, the latter acquired half of her shares in Forrester Creations from her husband, and he sold it to her then-brother-in-law. Bill Spencer. In this case, it seems that at least for now Quinn is rushing over to her new love without expecting anything…if not an engagement ring!

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