Eva Henger in a wheelchair after the accident: ‘I’m afraid to go out’

Eva Henger slow recovery. Mercedes’ mother has left the Romanian clinic after the tragic road accident last April in Hungary, which also killed two elderly people.

The showgirl suffered many Interventions The surgeries that, to this day, he does not go through, but rather moves to Wheel chair. In addition, he has a brace on one leg. In an interview with the weekly Nuovo Tv, Eva stated that rehabilitation is not easy, both physically and mentally. Some days the pains are very strong and crying soup. Others are more calm and carefree.

The showgirl was very bitter On what happened, noting that the accident showed her how everything is fleeting and can end immediately. “I’m afraid to go out. A few days ago I got in the car with Wheel chair That nicknamed my Ferrari. I was terrified. When you are sure that you are not immune, you always feel in danger.”

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Henger said on Instagram that despite his wheelchair he will spend the summer in Sharm el-Sheikh where he now lives at home. In Egypt, her husband Karoliti takes care of the interests of some resort, and Eva takes the opportunity to enjoy a vacation in the sun and by the sea.

The former Paperissima Sprint star confirmed that he still suffers from attacks from before panic. Eva started getting it a few years ago, when one of her lieutenants died in her arms of a heart attack. And in the past, he had to deal with three panic attacks a day: “I was prescribed medication, and I felt like I was about to die,” he said.

To Signoretti, Eva told the dynamics of the accident. She was driving with her husband, Massimiliano Caroletti, at a speed of 52 kilometers per hour when two people collided with her car: they were two elderly gentlemen who died in the accident. Police investigations are currently underway but Eva is not involved.

On that day, Henger and her husband, Massimiliano Caroliti, were on their way to get a dog for their daughter Jennifer, who was supposed to drive with them, but, fortunately, stayed home after a fight with her mother.

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