Every day the tax authorities will check what we do with credit cards

Our credit card transactions will be checked by tax authorities every day. Echo what you need to know about it.

with consent National Recovery and Resilience Plan New legislation has been introduced allowingrevenue agency To control our movements using Credit card daily.

In short, our data relating to the transactions we carry out with our credit card will be held by the tax authorities. This particular measure has led to a heated debate on the issue of privacy. Specifically, inArticle 18 we read that It must be sent to the Revenue Agency The CommitteesI Identification data as well as quantities regarding Transformations have been made During the day. The goal of this measure is to allow tax authorities to obtain more data that, therefore, can be referenced more effectively, allowing for more targeted checks. This, in effect, will serve to identify any discrepancies between payments received and receipts issued.

With regard to Article 18, however, it must be said that it is the same that presentsElectronic billing commitment also for VAT figures on a flat rate basis. In fact, this obligation was previously unimaginable to those who enjoyed the subsidized system. The extension will take effect on July 1 and will target those who apply Revenue not exceeding 25 thousand eurosor. Effective January 1, 2024, the extension will cover everyone, other than revenue accrued during the year. Therefore, the government intends to implement a series of measures aimed at more effectively combating tax evasion, which is widespread in our country and which causes the state treasury to lose many resources every year. The introduction of the electronic payments obligation is also moving in this direction. Starting Thursday, June 30, in fact, for traders and professionals,Obligation to accept payments with points of sale. Regardless of the amount of the transaction, in fact, from today it will not be possible to exempt one from accepting electronic payments. Otherwise, you will face very high fines that stipulate on the one hand a flat fee of 30 euros, and on the other 4 percent of the rejected amount.

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