France, Paris airport in a state of collapse Tail: one of two bags clogged

Due to a technical problem at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport since Friday, at least 50% of passengers’ baggage is stuck at the airport. This was reported by the French news channel Bfmtv. The technical problem lasted until 5 pm, which means that half of the passengers arrived at their destination without luggage. To make the situation more complicated, there was also a strike at some categories of airports.

The French Civil Aviation Authority has asked airlines to reduce the number of scheduled flights departing and arriving at the airport by 17%. At least 10 per cent of flights have been cancelled. The technical issue has not been resolved due to the lack of maintenance staff.”

Protest promoters said the airport’s staff has not been increased despite rising air traffic levels. Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport is the largest airport in France and the second largest passenger airport in Europe after London Heathrow.

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