Free roaming until 2032, advantages (and limitations) for users: what do you know

The Renew free roaming in EU countries until 2032, taken on Friday, can only represent excellent news in light of the summer holidays. As has been the case since June 2017, in fact, thanks to the “Roam Like At Home” programme, anyone who wants to spend a relaxing period (but also obviously for work or something else) in a Member State will not have to fear seeing the costs associated with using your mobile phone to make Make calls, send texts, or surf the Internet. Moreover, as already written here, the extension offered other advantages: from the right to use the same quality of communication where possible to receiving clear and transparent information about services that could be subject to higher costs than national ones, to improving access to alternative emergency services For the single European number 112. But to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is also important to be aware of the main limits established by the regulation, starting with the countries in which it applies.

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