From July 6, the cars will not be the same

A novelty that we can say is really imminent. Probably, many motorists will not like it, because the cars will not be what we have known them so far.

The world of cars is constantly evolving. A not-so-little novelty due to debut from July 6 – or rather, it should be part of the new cars that will debut after that date – proves it. It’s ISA (Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance) technology. Innovation adapted by law.

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Sure, many cars in Europe already have speed-limiting assistance, but these safety systems currently need to be activated by the driver. However, with the new EU regulations, ISA will be activated automatically. Then, of course, drivers will be able to deactivate this system on each trip. But it is still an excellent idea that will surely change many things for the benefit of the auto industry and its customers.

Automatic speed limit, EU says yes: all the details

Speed ​​limits, important news coming from July 6 at the request of the European Union. The news that manufacturers will be able to choose how to use, which is branded ISA. The “warnings” for motorists may be in the form of a sound or vibration warning.

Or by some kind of tactile feedback via the accelerator pedal or actively decelerating the car. In any case, one of these optional methods should be incorporated into upcoming cars. “Inattentive” motorists won’t be immediately convinced by the new technology that tastes so much of the all-wheel drive revolution, but it’s a cool novelty in light of the future of the automotive sector.

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At the moment, ISA technology will only be applied to very new models that will be launched in a few days. On the other hand, vehicles that have already been put on the market will have time until 2024 to be equipped with this novelty. Real legislation that will surely also apply in the UK, even if it hasn’t been part of the EU for some time now. It is clear that the reason for making the decision to go down this path is related to safety.

A measure that can reduce accidents by 30% and deaths by 20. Significant numbers, actually approaching the target set by the European Union (zero accident deaths by 2050). The ISA will currently be deactivated once per trip, in certain circumstances such as during overtaking, an action that requires maximum thrust on vehicle acceleration.

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