Gemma Jalghani serious men and women: Goodbye to the program?

Will Gemma Galgani return in September in the next edition of Men and Women, or will she bid her farewell forever? Here’s the whole truth.

Gemma Galgani Lately she’s been at the center of gossip because of one of her own Alleged farewell to men and women. A farewell that has been talked about for some time and which, despite various rumors, has neither been confirmed nor denied. Among the latest rumors regarding his alleged farewell to the Canale Cinque dating program are the rumors launched by Nuovo tv which state that:

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Gemma must be careful. I think he did not understand that the worst competitor is his friend. It is clear to all: Ida Platano presents the same theaters of Gemma, between tears and sighs, as it aims for its place. After all, Galgani is 72 years old, and she won’t be on TV for long.

But in addition to these rumors are added those related to one of his partners Supposed participation in the upcoming release of Big Brother Vip. A rumor that, if confirmed, would also explain the alleged farewell indiscretion of men and women. But what is correct?

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Men and women Will Gemma Jalghani bid farewell to the program forever?

We specify that at the moment only rumors and rumors are circulating on the web and on social networks. However, there will be more “evidence” to confirm the rumors that it will be both men and women starting from the next release. As reported by Caffèinamagazine, as reported in Novella 2000, Our Lady of the Throne in a recent interview with Program Magazine was going to announce:

After two interesting years in Rome, despite the lockdown period, I will be back in Turin in a few days. I feel a little dizzy, but finally at home.

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