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Giorgio Armani, a famous fashion entrepreneur, lived a drama that changed his life forever

life armani She was full of satisfaction and successes, especially in connection with her professional activity. The brand he founded is undoubtedly one of the most famous brands in the world. The credit can also be attributed to his foresight, entering a market that was not as stable at the time as it is today.

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In an interview with, he explained exactly why he founded Emporio: “In the ’80s, young people gained the scene and their independence, but the show was poor for their clothes. Nothing followed the nascent label cult. The emptiness of the market was palpable, so I decided to introduce myself with a proposal: a line that grew out of my interest in changes in society, at more affordable prices.. The response was immediate, overwhelming, and the eagle became a symbol to be recognized and joined in. I was the first to see the brand as a center of values, not just clothes.”

Giorgio Armani, the terrible disease that robbed him of a very important person

On the one hand, if his profession gives him great feelings and appreciation, on the other hand, there is one Private life Which, unfortunately, dealt a severe blow to the great businessman. Many years ago, in fact, his longtime business partner Sergio Galeotti tragically passed away.

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The man with whom Giorgio still has a beautiful memory, He has been romantically linked to the famous designer. Sergio was also central to the birth and development of the empire that Armani created, giving him moral support and always winning ideas.

But unfortunately, In 1985 he died of a bad illness at the age of forty. For the eighty-seven-year-old born in Piacenza, it was a real torment to say goodbye to his partner, with whom he had some wonderful years together.

As reported in the Archives of the Repubblica, Galeotti could have died because of a heart failure At his home in Milan. During an interview with Vanity Fair, Armani spent a few words on the title of the late architect and designer: “Everything I did in my job I did for Sergio. And Sergio did everything for me”.

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