He says for the first time…

Big affection for Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbes. The little girl in the house, Luna Marrow, is starting to utter her first words these days. The baby girl born in July 2021 wanted to give Antonino Spinalbes a “gift” this weekend together, saying for the first time…

Belen Rodriguez And the Antonino Spinalbes Yes me the left Just a few months after the birth of their children The little girl, Luna Marrow, It came to light in July last year. As the former hairstylist mentioned, his life and life goals showgirl after arrival the moon Marie, They had become so different that it was impossible to continue being together, and even now, their relationships were at an all-time low.

Not only that, there also seems to be a certain tension in the air for a possible involvement of Antonino Spinalbes to me GF Vip: resolution belin He was against it from the start. to bring back a smile Mom And the Pope, However, the little one took care of her Luna Maru, Who these days learn to pronounce the first words…

Belen: The first word of Luna Marrow

Belen, Luna Marrow gives Antonino a gift: she says for the first time & # 8230;

End of this week Luna Maro In Company Antonino Spinalbes Who showed on Instagram some good moments spent with girl. First, you can watch cartoons on the sofa next to each other, then a few moments of pampering, before a real surprise!

Antonino, In fact, she asked her daughter, “What’s my name?” Before Luna Maro She stood next to her father and then, loudly, completely permeated her Word: “Dad!” , Make you laugh proudly Antonino Spinalbes. Here, then, is one of the first words subordinate girl From Belen Rodriguez, Who has already learned to call her father.

Despite the separation of both parents Antonino who – which belin They try their best to raise the little girl, at the heart of both ideas: Looking at the little girl’s smile, the two seem to be doing quite well as fathers and mothers!

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