her summer bikini

After a busy season, finally Anna Tatangelo You can enjoy a few days of relaxation by the sea. The chosen location is really great, but it is she who attracts attention: on the yacht, a little away from prying eyes, she offered bikini No less magic that does not hide a sculpted structure, the result of hard training.

Anna Tatangelo, summer bikini

Always beautiful and sensual, Anna Tatangelo has hit the mark once again. Now this TV posts Finally, it’s time for some relaxation and fun: the singer has chosen the wonderful Taormina as her holiday destination. A delightful Sicilian city with a crystal clear sea, it is the perfect place to go on a yacht and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. But The most beautiful view is that offered by Tatangelowho wanted to share some of his five star vacation moments with his fans.

On Instagram, the artist published a series of beautiful photos, which she considers the heroine of the novel, enjoying the hot sun on the yacht. Her bikini are gorgeous: A yellow floral pattern on a black background goes perfectly with her brown, and paired with a pair of maxi square frame sunglasses, she completed a summery look that we can only take inspiration from. It’s impossible not to be impressed by her perfect body: Tatangelo has a sculpted silhouette with hours of the gym, and to top it all off abdominal muscles Which inevitably elicits a bit of envy.

Anna Tatangelo, Back to TV

The star of a TV season that brought her back to the top of the wave, Anna Tatangelo is back from the amazing success she had Scenes from a wedding, a format that has already been seen, however, has made great use of the more modern and attractive pieces it has brought to the stage. The good news, for all her fans, is that we will soon be able to see her again in the host role. In fact, Mediaset recently announced its schedules for Fall/Winter 2022/2023, and the Tatangelo show will be re-proposed in Saturday afternoon on channel 5.

Anna Tatangelo, Love Life

This seems to be the perfect summer for Anna Tatangelo: His career experienced an unexpected turn Which made her on TV at the head of a hit show, and these days she’s enjoying a great vacation in Sicily. Apparently, there is a scar in his heart. The singer was recently ending her relationship with Livio Corrie, the man she found a smile by after Tortured farewell to Gigi Di Alessio. The two have not confirmed the separation, but the clues are numerous.

The Crisis Rumors They have been stalking each other for some time, despite the rapper’s first denial (who, however, has not openly admitted that he is still romantically linked to Anna). In recent weeks, there has been talk of a possible return of the flame between them: it would have been decided by Tatangelo Give their love a second chance, even if only under certain conditions. And now? Now it seems that it is finally over: their marital photos have disappeared from social networks, and the singer is alone on the beach. Maybe it’s time for her Put his pieces of heart together And enjoy the love of their son Andrea.

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