Horizon 4-10 July 2022

weekly horoscope
The first quarter moon in Libra
(from 4 to 10 July)

Hello all!
how are you? Here’s your horoscope for next week, with a particularly interesting sky as it sees two important changes to the guard, both of which are set. Tuesday 5 July. The first: Mercury, the planet of communication and communication, leaves Gemini to enter Cancer, where it will remain until next July 19. Only two weeks, but they’ll help the water signs and earth signs pick up the choppy streak of letters and put some projects that seemed stuck on the right track. On the same day, Mars leaves Aries after about two months and enters Taurus, giving new resolve and determination to the Earth and Water signs, which as you can see are reclaiming Earth.

In support of the air and fire signs, we think of Jupiter (in Aries from mid-May) and Venus, in Gemini until July 18. Last but not least, Thursday, July 7, we will have a first quarter moon in Libra which has the meaning of saying “whoever looks alike, you take”. In other words, it takes us a bit to re-examine our relationships (emotional or practical) and the projects we take on asking ourselves, “Is he really like me? Does he allow me to express myself or does he lead me to suppress myself?” This and much more is discussed in the weekly horoscopes and in the monthly horoscopes for July. If you lost it, you can find it in this link!

I must leave you to read your horoscope, and thank you as always for the love and attention you have kept, week after week, for years for this little ritual of ours. Thanks always!

Hug and happiness read to all!
with my love,
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