“I escaped from the University of Insubria. Here is an unsustainable climate.”

“At a certain point the climate became unsustainable. And so I decided to leave, even if for my own life it was a great sacrifice.” For the first time since La Provincia has put the spotlight on the University of Insubria, in particular on the Disuit (Department of Humanities and Innovation in the Territory) in Como (in Amidst an investigation by the Public Prosecutor and the Finance Police), the professor is out in the open. “I had to flee to another university to be able to do my job quietly,” she says.

Latina Michaela

, until a month ago or Associate Professor of German Culture and Aesthetics at Insubria, now works at the University of Ferrara. “A painful decision,” she says, before rewinding the tape for the past year and a half, glowing inside the walls of the University of Como and Varese.

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