“I wish they could be mothers. From that smile between them I understood that it was love”

When did you know they fell in love? The first time I saw them together. I have a kind of radar for these things: From that smile they exchanged, I immediately made it clear that more than just friendship was born.” Valdemir Luxoria He knows them well, brides. he is Paola Tursi“For at least 8 years”, this Francesca PascalHe met for the first time after Silvio Berlusconi’s partner at the time said she was in favor of adoption for same-sex couples.

Was Luxoria, a gay activist, writer, and former parliamentarian, also at the “wedding” of the year in Montalcino?
«Not at all, I have given my word that on July 2 I will be the godmother of Gay Pride in Catania. I just can’t miss it.”

Everyone talks about her as a great friend of Torcy and Pascal. When did you start dating?
“It must have been 2014 with Paula. I met her at a dinner with friends, and immediately generated great sympathy. After dessert, he began to sing and play the guitar. After that we talked a lot.”

And instead with Pascal?
“It was in the gay village of Rome, in 2016 I think. I just took the Arcigay Card. Not at any point: These were the years of debate about civil marriages, and Francesca endorsed adoption for same-sex couples. Even if he is a member of Forza Italia. I praised her and invited her on stage: she went against the whole party. And his partner at the time, Silvio Berlusconi, was also angry.”

Since then a lot of water has passed under the bridge.
“Thank you also for this meeting. Francesca invited me to Arcore to explain my view of Berlusconi’s same-sex relations. Thus, the knight left his freedom to vote. Some in the FI were outraged: the Pascal-Laxoria axis began to terrorize the party.”

Then, in 2020, the two broke up. When exactly was the new love born with Paola Tursi?
“I realized there was something tender a year ago in Naples. Paola was invited to speak from the podium, Francesca watching, fascinated by her words. Like honey. My radar signaled to me that there was love in progress.”

“Not at all (laughs). It often happens that you meet women who have a straight past. It is not a disappointment as some think. He loved, if all the women who were disappointed with men became lesbians, we would all be practically all now.”

And then? Have you started dating the three?
“Yes, but it soon turns out that they want their privacy. They are a wonderful couple, but what they told me about their relationship I keep private. Even in terms of marriage, they didn’t want anyone to know anything. But now…”.

Do you wish them well?
“I take this opportunity to give them now: I hope that if one day they decide to become a mother, they can enforce a law recognizing their role as fathers. It’s time for Parliament to legislate on gay adoptions. But also in marriage based on equality, without discrimination. So now everyone calls it marriage, right? The company is already there. Politics, on the other hand, is lagging behind.”

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