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Marco Respenti

there religious freedom It is misunderstood, unpleasant because it distorts the concept, and dangerous because it unleashes wrong wars against those who defend it for the wrong reasons. The misconception is the belief that religious freedom means that one religion is as good as another, but the 2022 International Religious Freedom Summit, which just ended in Washington, ignored it with resolute elegance. organizers, Sam Brownback (Former Republican Governor of Kansas, former Ambassador for World Religious Freedom with President Donald Trump) and Katrina Lantos Suite (The chairwoman of the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice, which was founded in 2008 to continue the legacy of her late husband, Democratic Representative Tom Lantos), made this clear and affirmed. Religious freedom is a fundamental right of man: crucial, because it concerns the ultimate meaning of things (for believers, of course, but also for atheists, whose freedom infers that God does not exist), essential, because it generates and gives meaning to others (the right to speak, to meet, etc.). Religious freedom is in fact the right of every human being in history to know the truth: to seek it, to desire it, and to find it without coercion. For this reason it is also the first political right of man (to assemble, to organize such an assembly, to live according to the dictates of faith).

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A thousand confessions – At the Washington summit were Mike Pompeo (a former Secretary of State who directed religious freedom and should always guide U.S. foreign policy), historical champions of religious freedom such as Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Chris Smith, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent. Short video, then dozens of other heroes: Mary Ann Glendon, Lord Alton, Tom Farr (Institute of Religious Freedom), Azra Jafari (Former Nellie Mayor of Afghanistan), Michael Ferris (Freedom Defense Alliance), Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamatti, Nuri Turkel (First Uyghur Commissioner in USCIRF, US Commission on International Religious Freedom), Jan Figi (former EU Special Envoy for the Promotion of Religious Freedom outside the European Union), bishops, priests, pastors, rabbis, imams, lamas, priests and clergy of thousands of faiths. result? Reverse Macedonia: A Garden Well Organized To Put At The Heart Of Politics, In The Broadest And Most Noble Meaning Of The Term, Persecution On The Basis Of Faith, Hiding Political Violence With Religion And The News Of The Day. Yes, Christians are still the most persecuted religion in this world that does not care about its own pain and suffering.

There are three staunch enemies of religious freedom: Terror in the name of a crippled God. totalitarian ideocracies such as communism (which has by no means disappeared); The manual states that freedom is only in words. In the West, on the other hand, it predominates above all a quarter: relativism that has everything the same value, that is, it has nothing more than that, is imposed by political correctness, conformity and “abolition of culture”. This is explained by Päivi Räsänen, the former Finnish Interior Minister who was on trial for repeating the Bible where he says that a man is male and female and that’s it, because gender ideology doesn’t like it.

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Broken minorities – An important knot are minority religions, sometimes with a small number of believers, others broad but feared that they are unknown or ridiculed. Besides Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists in Washington, there were also Scientology, the Taiwanese Tae Jie Min movement, and Falun Gong, decimated by the beast of forced organ predation practiced by the new government. – Nationalism – Communism. Ethan Guttman and David Matas, two leading specialists in the field, spoke about it.
The juice of all history has been completely curtailed by two notions of absolute intelligence expressed in thinking both “alien” and “controversial” religions, and those who exercise religious freedom in one direction. “Let’s stop calling it ‘seven’, because ‘seven’ is a vague term, devoid of scientific meaning, and only good at stigmatizing groups that do not favor those who have the power to decide.” This and the mind is marching toward the totalitarian regime in Beijing, which poorly translates the ancient Mandarin expression xie jiao with “seven” all religions sent to the carnage that defines it as such, said Holly Falk, a historian of religions at Western Washington University in Bellingham, on the Pacific coast. The definition of “sect” is what the communist regime calls “sect”.

Hate and massacre – The second key point was made by Nadine Mainza, the former president of USCIRF: religious freedom or all or nothing. For if it is truly the fulcrum of everything, it cannot be recognized only by those we love and denied by those we hate. Greg Mitchell, the spirit of the International Religious Freedom Roundtable in Washington, who prides itself on its counterparts in different parts of the world, has announced a far-reaching structural coordination of the facts defending religious freedom for which the prestigious Templeton Foundation should be thanked. The IRF Summit in Washington was the trailer. It is strange that the more you fill your mouth today with peace, harmony, democracy, etc., the more people will be slaughtered in hatred of that original freedom to communicate with the God that distinguishes men.

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