In extreme heat you risk having your license withdrawn as if you were drinking

Car use has now become a true daily routine for almost all the world’s population. But maybe in very few cases, this thing is very, very important to our good.

Summer is now. And it’s very hot, like every year and maybe more than every year. However, it is not the summer that changes the plans of millions of people. In fact, it is amplified even in the hottest period of the year. Work, holidays and daily life. All this often happens in the car during shorter or longer trips.

By car in summer (web source)

However, we must be very careful when we park our car. Especially when we park in the sun. With more than thirty degrees of temperature, our car can easily overheat. In these cases, many do not know how to act by choosing to act in the most wrong way possible.

Hot car, driving in these conditions is risky: that’s why

The study provided by Seat, a Spanish car maker affiliated with the Volkswagen Group, was very clear about this. Driving a car left in the sun before puts us at risk of burning our hands. but not only; We feel we have a BAC of 0.5 g/L.

Let’s talk about the legal limit for not being considered drunk. An abnormal and extremely dangerous effect from a safety point of view. To exacerbate the situation even more, the fact that this effect occurs from 35 degrees onwards (which is practically safe in almost all of Italy). Angel Suarez, the architect of the SEAT Technical Center in Martorell, Spain, also expressed himself in this regard.

By car in summer (web source) June 28, 2022
By car in summer (web source)

He stated that you should be especially careful when driving in extreme temperatures because sAnd inside the passenger compartment, 35 degrees “a reaction time in which driving is 20% greater than driving at 25 degrees” has been reached.. Increase is equivalent, as mentioned, to be within the declared and illegitimate state of drunkenness.

Suarez also added that one of the most common mistakes drivers make when using the air conditioner is turning it on before the car is ventilated. That is, if we lower the windows or open the doors for about thirty seconds before turning on the air conditioner, the hot air inside the passenger compartment will exit quickly, much lighter than the air outside. Thus, the temperature will also decrease.

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