In this way, a will and a three-dimensional image can be made, without a notary, which is not subject to appeal and cannot be compensated by the heirs and creditors.

Among the many ways to leave one’s assets as an inheritance, there is one that is especially prized for its characteristics. This is a three-dimensional will, that is, a will written only by those who dispose of their property without the cooperation of other people. Indeed, in a legal will we need the intervention of a notary and a certain form, the public deed. Alternatively, for a holographic will, the civil code has few requirements, and requires only a document written, in hand, by the testator.

Therefore, a hologram, compared to other types of wills, has at least two very obvious advantages. The first is economical. In fact, the testator, to issue a will, will not have to pay the notary’s fee. The second concerns the protection of confidentiality. In fact, the settlor can write his will in complete seclusion and keep it in a safe place. So that its content will be known only after his death, when the caliphate opens.

3 points to consider

In this way, the deed of last will can be made non-negotiable by heirs, creditors and third parties. In particular, there are 3 main points to consider when writing a 3D will to ensure its correctness and effectiveness. The first point is compliance with the procedures required by law for its formulation. These are very few, especially they are 3. The first is that the testator writes the will with his own hand. The second is the date entry. The third is that you expect it in the end. These are the only formal conditions for the validity of the three-dimensional will provided by law.

The second essential point for making a will irrevocable is that it respects the share of the legal heirs. These are the closest relatives of the deceased, to whom the law reserves a share of the right to inherit. The testator must, in order to make his judgments unaccountable, ensure that he respects these rights of attorneys. Otherwise, the law provides for a specific procedure before the judge for the heirs, allowing them to recover the money stolen from them.

In this way, a will and a three-dimensional image can be made, without a notary, which is not subject to appeal and cannot be compensated by the heirs and creditors.

The third point, and the most complex one, concerns compliance with the judges’ signals. Indeed, jurisprudence has clarified over time that there are many reasons for the invalidity of a will that are not expressly provided by law.

For example, the judges explained what happens when a testator writes more than one three-dimensional will. Or indicate whether the commandment in capital letters is correct. Or even what happens if the testator writes a will on several pages. And a whole other series of really many pointers. Therefore, the advice is first of all to educate yourself well, also regarding these aspects, before you make a will yourself and without the help of an expert.


The heirs can check whether a three-dimensional will is void or valid upon publication by paying attention to the details that are widespread and repeated in this type of will.

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