inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper, Jason Schreier warns of false dropouts –

Jason Schreyera well-known gaming journalist who currently works at Bloomberg, wrote a post to warn users about it False dropouts After the news that Sucker Punch is not making new episodes of Disreputable or wicked cooper.

A sinister accusation in this case is expressly directed at the profile known as the accountwho reported last March that PlayStation Studios is working on a new inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper, which appears to have Delete your account After the official rejection.

In fact, the leaker wrote a farewell letter (which also includes a link to our news…) explaining that the disapproval regarding the new inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper games was the reason for his decision to drop the scene.

But at the same time, he made it clear that the source of this rumor seemed reliable and provided him with other news that he did not transmit, but which proved its credibility. He also wanted to remember the beginning of his “career” as a leaker, when he posted the first images from Star Wars: Eclipse.

AccountNGT’s conclusion was that it could happen to any leaker (after all, under Schreier’s post, there are those who explained to the journalist how sure Bloomberg was of a Nintendo Switch Pro release), but he nevertheless wanted to apologize for that. mistakes made.

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