Investcorp changes shirt and tries again

Repubblica relaunch Barhain Fund interest: Suning Club on the horizon

We parted with words reduced almost to zero, but also with some kind of promise: “We will talk about it again if we decide to try to invest in Italy.”. The subject in question is Ardinumber one of InvestcorpThe Arab Fund, which only two months ago tried in vain to climb Milanwhich then ended up in the hands of Redbeard and Jerry Cardinale. Then as today, the horizon is the first division and the goal, needless to say, still stands Milan, the center of gravity in an economy that knows how to remain active, however weak it may be. If anything, it is the color of the shirt that changes radically: from Rossoneri to Nerazzurri, as if it were no more than the other half of an apple. From Milan to Inter, writes La RepubblicaI’m always looking for an outlet in Madonnina’s shadow.

But let’s start with the facts. Suning In recent months, he has always denied or nearly always wanted to pass the hand. From ChinaBut in the meantime, rumors often resurfaced that were going and going in another direction. On the one hand, because of some of the financial problems of the Zhang giant, and on the other hand because of the restrictions imposed by the Chinese government on its entrepreneurs, we were invited, to put it this way, to invest in their homeland, and perhaps in more strategic and important sectors of the ball.

In short, the news relaunched by Repubblica from this point of view is also not surprising because, in addition to InvestcorpThe US contract will also be on the table Ares Capital, is already linked to the Barhain Fund as a potential investor to support the failed purchase of Milan. Among other things, the source is made in the USA, and it was discovered among the top American financers and it seems to coincide with a journey he took Nerazzurri CEO Alessandro Antonello And a large and important delegation from Inter last May on the occasion of the Serie A Gala hosted by the Metropolitan Museum. Between a pat on the back and a visit to Little Italy, a conversation about the future of the Nerazzurri Club could have quietly surfaced. How could it actually be from what we know that InvestCorp’s interest in Milan football and everything that surrounds it is real (starting with the stadium and the ultimate luxury castle, editor).

If the opinion polls in the next few days turn out to be the facts – the Arab Fund has already proven very concrete – we will not be surprised at all. The possibility of actually completing the deal is something to see. Time will tell, but Milan Investcorp’s dream didn’t stop at Milan. Remember the promise? “We will talk about it again if we decide to try to invest in Italy.” Here, that day may have come.

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