Is melatonin good for you or not? What do the experts say?

To sleep better at night, there are many treatments, treatments, and indications. One such remedy is to take a supplement containing melatonin.

at recent days Increased consumption of melatonin pills so far. Many sleep disturbances have also occurred in the epidemic’s homeland. But is this product safe or not? here you are What experts advise.

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First of all, we define it for those who do not know Melatonin is not a sleeping pillbut one natural material And it’s there too in supplement form. Just like vitamins, so to speak. There are different brands and types. there melatoninin nature, It is a hormone produced by the brain.

It is also calledsleep hormone. And soon the reason was told. L ‘bodyunder normal circumstances, occurring in the evening, Release a small amount Which hormone does it serve? Stimulating the desire to sleep and comfort. The hormone drops in the morning and allows you to wake up easily.

As we know, the Hormonal disturbances cause various inconveniences to the body and emotions. If the melatonin produced by the brain is not enough, we struggle to sleep. And the Not sleeping well means feeling stressed and irritableLack of focus. This leads to physical weakness, excessive fatigue and even bouts of depression. In severe cases they can also manifest themselves psychiatric disturbances.

Sleep Better at Night: Is Melatonin Good for You or Not? What do the experts say?

for Get enough restSo, Many people turn to melatonin tablets. These products are commonly found in Opposite but also in some supermarkets. This is because it is not, as we mentioned, a medicine or a sleeping pill. And therefore It can also be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

remember it Melatonin products are categorized as chronobioticand not how hypnotics. In fact, the most common sleeping pills on the market belong to the latter group of drugs. So they can spring Side effectsif not already Accreditation. On the other hand, melatonin helps the body integrate the sleep hormone.

Even if it was a file self care producthowever it It is always better to ask your doctor Whether it is indicated to take it or not. Each of us has his own clinical history, idiosyncrasies, and therefore only those who know in depth the state of our health can give us Right advice.

In any case, Experts generally confirm this Take melatonin for better sleep not dangerous. Many people claim to have found a balance between falling asleep and waking up in a short time. Furthermore, as mentioned, melatonin It does not cause addiction or even side effects.

always stay A small percentage of caseshowever, which Integrator may not work. or Give slight inconvenience. For example, it is possible to feel “tremors” in the hands, or to notice a Unusually low blood pressureto me. rings Dizziness, nausea and headache.

the last one recommendationFinally, it is about Pregnant and lactating women. At this point is It is better not to take melatonin. The same caution should also be applied to some people suffering from diseases AutoimmuneAnd the depression or epileptic seizures.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and relates to scientific studies published in medical journals, so it does not replace the advice of a physician or specialist, and should not be taken into account when formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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