‘It Hurts’: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ protagonist upset by terrifying mourning

The protagonist of Dancing with the Stars recounts the terrible mourning that has befallen him in recent weeks: touching words.

We return to talk about one of the historical faces of Dancing with the Stars who wanted to tell about the disappearance of his mother. The event affected him a lot especially for one reason: let’s find out who he is and what happened.

Presenter Mili Carlucci (via WebSource)

It’s not easy months Samuel Peron Whoever faces these days two completely contradictory feelings, on the one hand, is waiting for the arrival of a new life, and on the other handFarewell to his beloved mother who passed away prematurely. Fortunately, after the terrible disappearance, there is also good news for Samuel, who is waiting for the birth of his first child. Despite this, the anniversary can only go to the beloved mother.

In fact, the dancer admitted in his recent interview with DiPiùTv: “I always think of her and I know that I can’t feel the joy of being a grandmother it hurts me. But my mother taught me joy and I always want to smile even and especially when I remember itIn short, even the coming of this new life makes Samuel live mixed feelings, he wanted his beloved mother by his side. So let’s go and see his words.

Samuel Byron is expecting the birth of his first child: “We don’t want to reveal the gender”

Dancing with the Stars
Samuel Peron in a shot at Ballando Studios posted on social media (via Instagram Screenshot)

So, Samuel Perron awaits the arrival of the son born of the love of the Sicilian actress Tania Bombachi. However, the two did not want to talk much about the gender of their child. As Peron stated in the last interview: “We don’t want to reveal the gender of our creature yetWe didn’t tell anyone we wanted it to be a surprise to othersSo despite the critical months of pregnancy having passed, the two chose not to reveal the gender of the fetus in the womb.

Peron and his partner made the happy announcement but decided to keep the surprise. As for work commitments, Samuel is currently Rai1 Reporter Both The Camper Show, written by Roberta Morris and Tinto, and The Week with Carolina Rey, Fabio Gallo. While his wife, on the other hand, Tania Bombachi, in the rooms with the other moon movie with which the protagonist is, it is clear that the young woman while still working is careful not to make excessive physical exertion that could harm the creature. We’ll see if the two decide in the next few weeks to reveal the gender of the baby.

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