It is the most anticipated SUV at the moment and costs like a small car

The car of the moment surprises many. You don’t know that. Its features make it truly unique and its price is exaggeratedly low…

The automotive world is already full of news and features many brands that are always able to participate. This was demonstrated by Renault, which once again wanted to prove itself with a very special car. We are talking about Renault Kiger, which is one of the most affordable SUVs that can be found in the entire automotive segment.

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A vehicle designed to run on dirt roads with excellent performance without distorting the asphalt. The technical features of this car stand out not only a little but also the aesthetics, such as the trim colours, the elegant 16-inch alloys and the sloping roofline. All this, creating a truly unique car that is likely to attract many buyers in the market.

Renault Kiger, the SUV of the moment: features and price

Impossible to deny, it would really be illogical; What makes this SUV unique, more than any possible feature or comfort, is its aesthetics. Renault was able – For this we must pay tribute to the French company – stand outside In its category, it brings modern exteriors to the market, which also allows it to have a large interior space after all.

There is ample space for passengers, driver and various things. 405 liters of maximum capacity puts this car ahead of all its peers. The Kiger’s more detailed features are another strong point, which positively adds to one of the aesthetics already listed. Proof of this is the multi-skin instrument cluster and the 8-inch infotainment system.

Then we come to the turbo engines, which come with a five-year or 150,000-kilometre warranty and a three-year or 45,000-kilometer service plan. Renault Kiger is also equipped with three driving modes: normal, eco-friendly and sport. Also, the steering and throttle sensitivity varies according to the selected mode.

Renault Kirger (web source) June 30, 2022
Renault Kerger (web source)

What about security? Don’t worry, French friends have thought of this too, outfitting the SUV with four airbags in the upper part along with ABS and ESC. The central seat, the back, is equipped with a lap belt. There is also a rear parking camera on the edge.

We cannot and must not forget the 8-inch touch screen that provides a clear view of the menu and touch; In addition, it offers wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Renault Kiger is designed for the Indian market, although he was destined to relocate to other countries as well. Although it is very likely that it will only be launched in other Asian markets, or at most in Russia and Eastern Europe, Barely Italy then. However, in our country, if you arrive at any time, it will cost no more than 15,000 euros.

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