It’s always the best seller, everyone buys it

The FIAT 500 is the best seller in terms of electric cars, in 2022. However, the sales numbers are dropping a lot.

Fiat 500 bestseller – Motori.News

The Market for the car In this 2022 no pass a fun timebut the Fiat You can’t complain that much, because in Italian marketShe is still there queen. there Fiat 500 and the Best selling electric carwhich indicates that project meets expectations. The June numbers However, as I said I to rejectSince we had one 15% loss in sales. Nilo specific see that electric cars have undergone a Sales down 12%while those delivery in forgive 5.5%. A smile is not for anyone, because even hybrid forgive 9.4%.

FIAT can smile thanks to 500

Archive June The Classic arrangementwhich gives us I Sales data for the month. He laughs there Fiat it is in Italia and the Best selling electric carsthanks for the 500. there Turin company car sold solo Last monthwe will 781 cars. If we consider instead of the beginning of the yearThen sales stabilize 3579 units. Right Domainif we think that secondly or the Tesla Model Y 374 cars sold in JuneWell, since the beginning of the year 1720 units.

Fiat 500
The numbers show us the reasons why the 500 is the queen of the market –

true that Fiat Proves that to improveTherefore, you can smile especially in the month of June. The problem Is this then Let’s compare 2022 to 2021we only see losses. June 2021 sale record 955 Fiat 500So 174 other cars. The First half of 2021 they sold 5017 Fiat 500or 1.438 More Vehicles. We understand that there is a file real problem From salesand perhaps even if the means Italian Houseis the most requested, you can see Effects of this black market period.

Let’s see the other cars that completed the top 10 in the ranking

Now we also see the other squares that complete a file Top tensubordinate classification subordinate electric carsAnd the Best seller in the market in June. if it was second place as said from TeslaThe Third If granted Smart Fortwo with 723 units soldThis car is the only car Compared to the same period last year. The fourth place last occupied Teslaor the 3 . modelwith 374 units sold. Closes Top5The Renault Twingo Certification of its sales a 271 units.

smart fortwo photos
Smart FORTWO is the only electric car that has managed to improve in Italy by June 2022 / June 2021 –

The Sixth place is for Peugeot 208with 222 cars soldAnd the seventh another one Renault Such as ZOEwhich – which 217 copies sold. L ‘8th place If he took it there Meganso still french housethat I managed to put 189 unitscars that It only saw the light this year. 9th place to Peugeot 2008from the market Sold 170 copies. Closes Top10 there Volkswagen ID.3with Put 170 cars. That must be said All of them saw a significant decrease compared to June 2021Just Smart Fortwo As it was said to improveand the Megan who – which He has no comparisonIt can be considered satisfied.

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