Juventus begins the season away from home to retire: the first training session without Vlahovic. Allegri is waiting for Di Maria, Pogba, Costi and Zaniolo… | first page

Ready, ready, go, tomorrow Juventus will start preparing for next season, with the first training sessions in c.Ontinassa. Massimiliano Allegri will not direct the first training session scheduled for the afternoon. It will be a start with many absentees, as many players have been busy with the national teams and will still have a few days to relax. Among them there will not even be Dusan Vlahovic, That after overcoming his stomach problem at the end of the season, he will still have some time before bringing Juventus back on his shoulders. That’s why the retreat will officially begin on July 10 with medical checks and the entire team at your disposal. you knowInstead, Danilo, Zacharias, Di Chiglio and Arthur will be on the field immediately starting tomorrow. Perhaps it wasn’t too long ago for the latter because he’s at the top of the transfer list and the player himself is the first to want a new destination. They’ll answer the call – but not on the field. Also Federico Chiesa and Caio Jorge, both of whom are involved in recovering from the serious injuries he sustained last season.

who is waiting – Massimiliano Allegri and the Juventus fans will have to be a little patient before they can welcome the two great hits so far from the Juventus transfer market. Obviously we are talking about Paul Pogba and Angel Di Maria, whose negotiations are now over and we are just waiting for their arrival so we can formalize the operations. There won’t be tomorrow but they may be in Turin already in a week and However, they will be available from July 10, which is the date on which the 2022/2023 season for Juventus will start.

Possible beginnings – Perhaps, if not sure, some of those who will appear at Juventus’ training center tomorrow or seven days later, will not be around on September 1, when the transfer market closes. In the midfield in addition to Arthur, The position of Adrien Rabiot, who has interests from the Premier League, is in the balance. Just as sure not to stay is Weston McKinney, which Allegri would like to bet on again but realizes he can do without her if a great offer arrives. Whom Juventus fans would like to see also from September onwards Matisse de Ligt. The Dutchman is currently the biggest unknown player because his move to Chelsea means having to make a strong return to the defense market.

many goals – Players who will say goodbye, and others who will arrive, the Juventus squad will undergo many changes. Andrea Cambiasso He is one step away from becoming a new player at Juventus. On the right, Allegri is unhappy with Di Maria but hopes to see Nicolo Zaniolo in Contasa as well; Not an easy negotiation given Rome’s demands. next The dismissal of Vlahovic’s deputy who the Cherubini wants to hand over to the coach of Tuscany, Not satisfied with the performance Moise Kean, a potential newbie too. Then there is Alvaro Morata, who has already been received by Juventus twice, but it is not certain that he will not be able to meet again in Turin. The Spaniard already knows the way. Whether he brings him back will depend on how far Atletico Madrid have fallen behind in their demands and how the situation develops on the left wing. Philip Kostik, in fact, the 1992 winger from Eintracht Frankfurt is waiting for Juventus, who have not yet made a final decision. It will be a busy summer in Continassa, as cars leave the Juventus training center definitively and others enter it for the first time. Allegri hopes to have the final squad available as soon as possible, to avoid a start to the season like last year.

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