Juventus Roma, Zaniolo negotiations reach the heart: demand, formula and timing | first page

pee Pogbaangel MariaMaybe Andrea Cambiasso. And then? And then Juventus certainly can’t stop here, they are missing a lot in every department, while Matisse rages on. de yacht Which will affect the final choices not only in defense. Meanwhile, negotiations on Niccolo Zaniolo are ready to begin. Provided it hasn’t already been defined in the live stream for a while. With Juventus, thanks to Di Maria, at least on this front, he can play the patience card, knowing that they can wait until late August if necessary. The patience card that becomes especially strong when you are on the other side, however, at this point there is a rush. Yes, because it is Rome that, once the decision is made that selling is the best solution, needs to solve this game in the shortest possible time.And the. It is no coincidence that in a short time, the valuation went from 70 million in the beginning to 60 million, perhaps reaching the figure that Juventus would consider more fair of 50 million overall. Negotiations – constant and long contacts with Claudio Figurilli, Zaniolo’s agent (but also Marko Arnautovic’s agent, to name a few other Juventus targets). If we haven’t already reached an agreement with the player, we’re lacking, we’re talking about a four-year figure in line with Juve’s new trajectory. With Rome we still have to reconcile, But the most important opening from the Giallorossi club is the one associated with the formula: if the answer is yes to a loan with a refund option, it may only be a matter of time for white smoke. Even if it is at least 50 at the end, it will be necessary to be able to accurately write between the loan (10 million), the refund and the bonus, and possibly also with a percentage included on the future resale. We’ve talked about our counterparts and we’ll talk about them again, but it seems easier for everyone to try to develop any further negotiations in a distinctive, albeit still connected, way. The foundations are there, solid, negotiations can begin and come to life. Juventus have been pursuing Zaniolo for years, and Zaniolo has always supported Juventus. But now Rome is in a hurry.

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