Lazio angry at Karneski: Now there’s Vicario. Rina says hello and Lotito saves

“Lazio’s view is unsatisfactory.” like him Luca Percasi to me AtalantaOn Thursday, Biancocelesti directors froze, convinced that long negotiations for Karnesky He has now reached a turning point. They thought their bid (12m + 3 bonus) was identical and true to the value of the young goalkeeper, who had just undergone surgery on his left shoulder. From Bergamo, however, a wall was raised towards Lazio, not happy – to put it mildly – with the position and the rising game of the fellow goddess.

That’s why, despite the separation of 2000, Carnesecchi was the first candidate on the list I will see And the player himself pressed hard for his move to Roma, and it seems that Lazio is ready to turn the page. Changing the target and switching to another goalkeeper that Sarri appreciates: William Vicar25 years old, just got backEmpoli From Cagliari for 8 million. Yesterday was the first real contact between the two clubs, as confirmed by the Tuscan president Corsi: “Lotito called me.”

To understand whether the rumors that Formello filtered are true or were created specifically to send a signal to Atalanta, in an attempt to lower their claims. However, Empoli is expecting a concrete proposal from Roma within the next 24-48 hours: Lazio’s idea is the show 12 million Euros, a number that makes everyone agree. President Corsi will allocate capital gains, and Lotito will give Sarri the starting goalkeeper a few days before the start of the decline.

Meanwhile, Lazio said goodbye Rinawho annulled the marriage contract of Al Villarreal. With his farewell, the company will save 3.4 million total next year on salary. In its place, as a deputy, names Berardi Del Verona E Falcon Sampdoria.

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