Lino Banfi writes to his wife Lucia: ‘I want to leave with you’ / Shock letter: ‘I asked the Pope…’

Lino Banfi, touching message to his wife Lucia: “I want to leave with you”

Lino Banfi Wrote a touching letter dedicated to Lucia’s wife It is published through the pages of the weekly newspaper Intitudine. The famous actor, star of films and fantasy as A Doctor in the Family, has been married for about 60 years to Lucia, to which must be added another 10 years of marriage. A life consisting of love and mutual support at the same time, especially now that the woman is sick with Alzheimer’s disease that afflicted her years ago.

Lino Banfi, NostraTv reported, wrote to his wife Lucia, admitting that he had asked the Pope to die with her one day: “I asked the Holy Father what she asked me to ask precisely. You told him of your desire to leave together and at the same time hold hands as we have always done in our lives “.

Lino Banfi and the Pope’s request: “He will pray for us”

for Lino Banfi You think you have to deal with it Life without his wife Lucia is unimaginable. In the touching letter published in Intimacy, the actor thus admitted his desire to die with her when the time came, so that he would not have to survive her or vice versa. Then he spoke in the newspaper about how strong the love that binds them even today and explained that: “The Pope told me that he did not have the strength to force us to leave, even if you and I could not live without the other, he would pray for us.” Words of great love and devotion, but it is not the first that Lino Banffy spent for his wife the most important woman in his life.

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