Maldini renovation. Corriere della Sera: “He wanted to do like Marotta, but Gazidis is still CEO”

on me Corriere della Sera The renewal of a track was analyzed but above all Maldini’s renewal with Milan. There was an extension but if it comes after a few tug of war, the reason lies in the fact that Maldini and Milan had two different visions. Maldini wanted to play Marotta, and in his view, with Scudetto’s credit in his pocket, it would have been a legitimate goal: to aspire to a CEO role in the technical field with broad autonomy. The result could have been a downsizing of the current CEO, Ivan Gazidis, “confined” to “financial matters” only. Now even if Milan’s organization hasn’t changed, Maldini and Massara still find some satisfaction in the contract, a meeting point considered acceptable.

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