Merate, reader: On-demand medical service promoted

Dear Editorial Team,

Thursday night I needed EMS, to get a consultation and a prescription for an antibiotic, and it really worked.

I called the help continuity number 116117: I waited a few minutes and then the operator asked me about all the data and health conditions as well as the reasons for my call. I announced that the doctor would call me soon and he did. As soon as the information was gathered, the doctor invited me to come to his clinic. Which I did. In half an hour, between the call and the office visit, I had it all sorted out. The young and meticulous doctor gave me all the necessary information, and made himself available if I had any further problems during the night.

I was also lucky that the pharmacy on duty was in Brugarolo.

And as far as I’m concerned, the service went through with flying colors. At least this time

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