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Building confidence at home Milan for work zaish. player Chelsea Increasingly it is the main target of the Rossoneri market. After the formalization of the renovations Maldini And the pleasureContacts with the London administration are continuing They go quickly. For sage Satan He will formulate a loan offer with a buy-back commitment. What is still missing is to find agreement on the numbers why AC Milan would like to close with a total of 25 million While from London they are asking for at least an additional 5 million.

Messias – This new opportunity pushes the Rossoneri to do so Review their strategies. It is no coincidence that, in addition to the official status of Florenzi And the MerantiI miss it Messias. Previous Croton He had now reached an agreement with Milan to stay. not more than 5.5 million euros, The figures were agreed upon with 500,000 euros for the loan and 4 million euros for the final payment. There is no ad, however, an indication of a path that now appears to be calming down. Junior will actually find much less space if Ziyech reaches San Siro. The Rossoneri do not want to abandon Messias, but they are making more reflections and trying to lower the numbers of the operation even more.

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