Milan, listen to Cisco’s agent: I spoke to Maldini, he knows everything about him. It will be one of the best in Europe market

A photo posted on her personal page Instagram In Company Paolo Maldinirecently from reconfirmation as Director of Artistic Field in Milan, and data for the Austrian portal It aims to fuel rumors about the future of the 2003 Red Bull Salzburg striker Benjamin Sisco. The protagonist of this story Agent Elvis BasanovicWho confirmed the approval of the Rossoneri club for one of his assistants: “I spoke to Paolo Maldini about many things. Of course, the name Benjamin Sisko also appeared‘, announced the attorney general.

The scorer of 10 goals last season, the Slovenian footballer also had the opportunity to make his debut in the Champions League, so much so that he ended up on Milan’s radar, according to Basanovic: “Maldini knows him well and knows everything about him. For the next five to six years, Cisco will be one of the best strikers in Europe. It currently has everything it needs to develop in Salzburg.”

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