Minecraft and Jessica Nigri’s Creeper cosplay makes us re-evaluate creatures of the night – Nerd4.life

Presented by Jessica Negri a disguise subordinate creeping From Maine Craft So beautiful that it makes us re-evaluate the creatures of the night, making us wonder why one should build a sturdy shelter to avoid them. Indeed, the cosplayer’s queen’s work is truly evocative and full of fine references that are worth studying.

The Creeper is definitely the most famous enemy in Minecraft, one that has entered deep into the collective imagination…also because it is probably the one that killed the most players ever.

Nigri takes the green with a split mask to which she adds a cute pink bow. She then dresses in green, to match the character’s color palette, and wears underwear that suggests something explosive, even in colours.

The creeper is exactly the enemy of the player who approaches and explodes in a fierce and deadly suicide attack, destroying even the surrounding blocks.

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