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The healer treating some women in Kyiv who were raped by Russian soldiers: “They don’t live anymore.” NGO in Poland: We helped 200 girls with abortion pills

“Rape is a trauma that comes with you for the rest of your life. During my thirty years in the profession, I have treated it in four different countries: Ukraine, Georgia, the United States and Austria. But now, as the Russian army has passed, there are victims who suffer from every border. They live in a state of complete loss of faith in the world. They were at home, in their primary shelter, and had to flee or have it destroyed. They had a family and they lost it. They thought of Russia as a sister country and found it brutal.

They trusted the Protectorate and now they are thinking ‘Why did they leave us there?’. Each of these traumas would be enough to characterize life. Instead, and on top of all this, there are also those who have experienced sexual violence. Shock when the shock they do not get out of. They are trapped in obsessive thoughts, nightmares, depressive symptoms, and the body is here, but the mind returns to those moments.. And then a new kind of schizophrenia is unleashed: during the day they live as if nothing has happened and as soon as they lower their defenses they fall into terror. It will be very difficult to help them. We are learning, but it will not be easy.”

the teacher Tina Beradzi He thought he had seen it all. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for US soldiers after Afghanistan and Iraq, for example, but the interweaving of grief and pain for Ukrainian rape victims outshines all. “I work with women who saw their husbands killed and then raped,” women who tried to defend themselves by explaining that they were Russian, that they were on the side of the invaders, but nothing saved them. And now? “They deny. pretending. they remove. Very few come to ask for help. For that reactionary thought found here as in the United States and according to which “after all he will look for it”, but in Ukraine there is also the Soviet heritage. Psychiatry was something of oppression, of imprisonment and electric shock, so it was better to stay away from it.” The result is madness and disintegration or lucky vodka. “Alcohol is amazing, helps to be forgotten and is more socially acceptable.” How many women are in these circumstances? One rape trial of a Russian soldier is currently underway. Perhaps others will follow. Ukrainian Prosecutor General talks about “dozens” of cases. But the true number will never be known. Not so much because Kyiv took a month to replace the overly prominent human rights commissioner, but above all because the victims wouldn’t report, and even if they did, there wouldn’t be enough evidence that it wasn’t propaganda. . However, a string of lights appeared. And they make an impression. Russian soldiers left Bucha, Gostomel, Erpin, Makarev and other cities north of Kyiv at the end of March. A lot of violence was committed in the last days of the occupation. The one who got pregnant is already in the fourth month of pregnancy today.

the doctor Oleksandra Kvitko He works on the Ukrainian psychological hotline. As of June 26, we have received 380 reports of sexual crimes in the newly liberated territories. Among the victims are not only women, but also men and young children.” The youngest victim is 10 years old and the oldest is 82. 30% of teenage girls. Men are another case. Kvitko is following the case of a pregnant girl. “Doctors told her that if she miscarries, she may not be able to have children anymore. He is thinking about keeping the baby. Will he do it? He has to decide in a few days.”

In Krakow, Poland, Marta Shomal From the Women’s Prospective Association says Al courier who – which “Warsaw has essentially banned abortion even in the case of rape since January 2021However, it claims that it has not received any requests from Ukrainian refugees. it does not make sense. There are 2.5 million Ukrainian refugees in Poland and from our three reception centers, only 70 people, we know two women who had to travel abroad to have an abortion.” Mara Clark, director of the Abortion Support Network, also conveys the dramatic picture of the impasse that Ukrainians found themselves in Poland “We help by buying abortion pills.” How much do they cost? Between March 1 and April 12, the Abortion Without Borders volunteer network helped 200 refugees in Poland, and some went on to have abortions in Germany, Hungary and Romania.. “Drama is also about to overflow in Russia – warns Professor Bradze -. How do you become a killer? Live in a violent environment. Well, most of the Russian rapists were young people. They gave him a weapon and told him ‘Do whatever you want as long as you win.’ What will they do now to solve? Defeat them in Kyiv?They will rape Russian women.

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