Nadal Sonego, Tension at Wimbledon 2022. Protests over excessive shouting, then apology

The third round match between Nadal and Sonego, in addition to the excellent performance, ranked No. 4 in the world, gave some moments of tension. The key episode came in the final minutes of the third set when the Italian, who was always in control throughout the match, found the right strength to respond and take the break back from behind, taking the 4-4 split. Blue realized this was the right moment to try to get back into the game and he mobilized himself, inviting Central fans as well. Rafa, on the other hand, went to referee (whom he already discussed a few matches with before) To complain about his opponent’s excessive shouting: Brief Q&A, then dialogue with the Torino tennis player who seemed unconvinced by the Spanish version. After the discussion, Nadal counterbreaked and won the set and the match, before going to meet Sonego again: the two tried to explain, With the Major, who apologized, explaining the goodwill of his protests. Then he did the same during the post-match interview, clearly Sorry For feedback on his initial complaints.

Nadal’s apology responded to Sonego

“Now I feel guilty – Nadal said. I may have upset Sonego but it was not my intention to make him nervous, I will explain to him why this thing is making me horrible. I politely asked him if he could make less noise.” Words followed by a response from Sonego: “Rafa was polite and apologetic but in that moment he made me feel good – Explanation of the Italian born in the year 95 -. There is not one player calling the other on the net, we are at Wimbledon and we are not in the third category: if you have a problem, call the referee, not the opponent.”

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