New DRM aims to protect DLC from piracy –

Denovo fired New DRM Aiming to defend me DLC From hacking, as can be guessed from the name: Denuvo SecureDLC. The software is already available to customers using Denuvo’s anti-tamper system and it reworks the platform’s API to prevent attacks and prevent unauthorized access. “Denuvo has become the reference point for video game developers who want to defend their games from cheating, tampering and piracy, and defend the gaming experience.Reinhard Blaukovich, managing director of Denuvo said in a press release, adding later.Our existing customers, big and small, are thrilled with the results and we’re happy to help them increase revenue and implement new business models for those demanding games.

The press release doesn’t mention the customers involved, but it’s easy to guess that they include Sega and Capcom, who use Denuvo extensively in their games.

Denuvo is considered by many to be a controversial solution to protecting games, as it often ends up having an effect performance From the same, as in the case of Resident Evil Village, where it caused a lot of stuttering, probably due to interaction with Capcom-owned DRM. We’ll see how the new DRM will affect the DLCs.

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