New Triumph Speed ​​Twin 900 and Scrambler 900: Confirmation found – News

Official user manuals confirm that Triumph has renamed two 900 . Modern Classics

July 1, 2022

TheThe first news came when Triumph submitted homologation documents for the 2023 e Series in Australia Two new acronyms have appeared within the model range modern classicTwin Speed ​​900 and Scrambler 900.

US site I found confirmation of the existence of these two bikes through a show New online user guides Where the differences have been reported in relation to the 2022 models. And above all, repeat when it appeared in the April 26 documents, this is These are not two new bikes Just a simple change label.

M.Most likely the reason for this change inMake names better uniform In the Triumph model view. By adding the prefix “StreetIn fact, Triumph distinguished 900 models from those with a higher displacement.

Comparison of brochure covers for 2022, left, and 2023, right

M.Now that there are Speed ​​Twin models (1200and Scrambler 1200, switching to the Speed ​​Twin 900 and Scrambler 900 designation will make it easier to identify models in the same family. The same goes for the latter Tiger 900 and Tiger 1200.

The Scrambler device name was first adopted by Triumph in 2006 As for the 900 version, at that time it was powered by 865 cc in-line two-cylinder, which was in production until 2016.

TheTherefore, the street name will remain a prerogative three cylinders (Street Triple) featured in the Triumph Roadster division along with the other three-cylinder Speed ​​Triple and Trident 600.

If it is already highlighted in the homologation documents that there is only news of a change of names, and the rest of the numbers have not changed, then the evidence found will confirm the thesis.

TheAhead of the official press information, which may arrive soon at this point, the Triumph dealer in Germany has put the Speed ​​Twin 900 up for sale on eBay. my 2023.
Pictures show a new matte silver finish and side panels with relative style codes.


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