No more swollen and heavier legs, even in the summer, with one simple movement you can do at home to stimulate blood circulation.

One of the most annoying summertime swollen legs. Oftentimes, especially at the end of the day, your legs feel as heavy as two pieces of wood, sore and swollen. The result is that even standing or walking will become difficult.

The reasons for the start of this problem can be many. Of course, high temperatures will not help and can greatly hinder blood circulation. Not to mention the sedentary lifestyle, or the habit of wearing tight pants. Even these causes, in fact, may strain the circulatory system, leading to unpleasant consequences that we all know about.

Here’s how to fix it

Specialists suggest several ways to improve this problem. In addition to specific medications, which should be taken only on the suggestion of a doctor, other solutions are possible. In fact, it would be a good idea to consult a doctor especially in case of tingling or varicose veins.

However, other possible solutions to find some benefits can be to use certain creams and carry out special massages. Let’s see together a very easy way, even at home.

No more swollen and heavier legs, even in the summer, with one simple movement you can do at home to stimulate blood circulation.

One of the easiest types of massage that we can do at home is a massage. Basically, we will practice targeted movements along the legs, stimulating blood circulation.

To perform this massage, we will need to have a certain draining oil, which we can also find in herbal medicine. Juniper oil, for example, would be especially useful for stimulating and aiding blood circulation.

After pouring a drop of the oil into your hands, you will need to make circular motions on your legs. Starting at the ankles, you will have to gradually get up, always repeating the same movement.

So it will be necessary to massage the calf, then the thigh, even the thigh. These pressures should help to stimulate blood circulation, giving a feeling of general well-being.

Other great tips to improve swelling

In addition to massage, we remind you that to restore the health of our legs, experts recommend regular walking.

Walking, in fact, would activate the calf muscles, which helps blood circulation. With these tips, we can hope to never suffer from swollen and heavy legs again even in the summer.

Moreover, we must also take advantage of the summer period to revitalize our activity. On the seashore, in particular, it is enough to walk 30 minutes per day according to some criteria, to improve the blood circulation of the individual.

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