One of the biggest snakes ever caught in Florida

Records are so frequent in the animal world that the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, the center of the US state that deals with the conservation of many species, has contributed perfectly. The snakes Surprising for its size, which was discovered by this structure is The biggest ever It is not found in this region of the USA.

The standard specimen is a female who measures approx Five and a half meters Regarding the length, while the weight is close to a quintal. The credit goes to the team of biologists at this center who are carrying out a project to keep Burmese pythons in check. It is a nationally recognized program that relies on wireless transmitters implanted on reptiles.

Just a few weeks ago, a monster emerging from the sea allowed to set another world record, the largest freshwater fish in the world. The Florida python has nothing to envy this specimen and its various daily activities are constantly monitored. The encounter with the record-breaking reptile occurred after the identification of a male snake, renamed Dion. A few days later, researchers found him in “nice” company, specifically Of the largest snake in Florida. Catching the animal was not easy for obvious reasons, but then the biologists were able to bring the animal to the lab for analysis.

Another incredible first

However, if you think that this is the only record of one of the most “huge” snakes of all time, you are very wrong. The eggs that the animal carried were really a lot, up to 122 and all are under development in the abdomen. Such a figure from this point of view was not recorded, and no female snake was characterized by such a reproductive cycle. He is certainly an exceptional reptile by any means, even if his eating habits go deeper.

Samples removed

While capturing the serpent, the latter would absorb some animal hooves, namely an adult gazelle, confirms the fact that its meals are by no means trivial. However, the record should not make us forget that female snakes of this species are no less harmful to the ecosystem Florida. The US facility program has been around since 2013 and has facilitated the removal of more than 1,000 samples totaling just under 12,000 kilograms. The goal is to reduce the long-term effects of invasive species as much as possible, although this is not an easy task.

On the other hand, snakes have always inhabited this planet and seem to have dominated Earth even before man. In the case of Burmese pythons, you should pay attention mainly to the white-tailed deer, which is one of the animal’s favorite “snacks”. However, it has also been detected in the stomachs of these reptiles 24 different mammals, 47 species of birds and 2 more snakes. The observation has been going on for nearly ten years, but the impression is that it is only the beginning of activity and that further discoveries are about to happen.

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