PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium, we tried the new subscriptions

Also available in Italy for a few days, the all-new PlayStation Plus is expressed in Extra and Premium levels: we’ve tried both subscriptions.

from new PlayStation Plus There has been a lot of talk about it: Confirming the rumors that have been circulating for some time, Sony has decided to merge Subscriptions To PS Plus and PS Now, as well as significantly expanding the catalog of games included in the bundle, to develop an offer in many ways comparable to that of Xbox Game Pass.

The result of this effort is me Three levels You should know it well by now: Necessarywhich combines the contents of the old PlayStation Plus with free online and monthly games; additional, which adds a rich list of downloadable PS5 and PS4 titles at no additional cost; Finally excellentwhich includes streaming, demos, and PlayStation Classics.

in this days We tried the new PlayStation Plus subscriptions And here we tell you our impressions of the renewed Sony service.

user interface

PlayStation Plus, the interface

L ‘user interface What Sony has created for the new PlayStation Plus is very straightforward, focusing on the content most relevant to the subscription, the catalog of games, and providing the user with two possible types of use: the menu under the heading “Explore”, which divides titles by genre (Normal, Classic, Trial versions, Live broadcasts, monthly games) and “stickers” benefits.

The latter communicates in a very simple and instant way The offer we can access Depending on our subscription level: the first three “blocks” are dedicated to PlayStation Plus Premium and refer to beta versions, catalog of classics, and cloud streaming; Then you move on to PlayStation Plus Extra with the game catalog and finally to PlayStation Plus Essential with the monthly games.

However, it is a pity that it is not possible to scroll through the titles Filter them by platformwhich will come in very handy with the classics.

Upgrade and Prices

PlayStation Plus, the main rumors

PlayStation Plus, the main rumors

It is clear that very clarity is useful for us to consider a possible matter Raising the level ofwhich however links to the currently active subscription mode: if you’re in the middle of an annual PS Plus Essential subscription, you can switch to the Extra or Premium mode by paying the price difference that will cover the remaining months, but you won’t be able to choose a shorter upgrade, for example Only one month to try the service.

This last possibility remains the exclusive right of new subscribers or in any case for those who do not have an active subscription, who can choose between a monthly plan of € 13.99 (extra) or € 16.99 (premium), quarterly from € 39, 99 (extra) or 49.99 € (Premium), or finally annually from € 99.99 (extra) or € 119.99 (Premium). In short, the system is Plain and simple, but not flexible How we wish.


PlayStation Plus, games catalog

PlayStation Plus, the catalog of games

The list with all PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games leaves no doubt, scrolling through the catalog will sort one out. Alienation effect Very similar to that Xbox Game Pass. Of course, the fundamental difference between the two services is now well known as well: Sony doesn’t include exclusive PlayStation Studios in the list from day one while Microsoft does, adding to the actual convenience of subscribing.

Recognizing this basic distinction, faced with a long list of titles included in the price of PS Plus Extra and Premium, we still feel overwhelmed by quantity and quality: if someone is looking for Netflix for video games, These subscriptions are the closest to him and are exaggerated in some respects. Has anyone ever calculated how many lives it would take to play the whole thing?

If you are an avid gamer who never misses the most important news on the first day, the effect of this catalog may not make you dizzy, but if by chance from a long hiatus you have skipped a generation of consoles or even you are starting from this kind of entertainment, from It’s best to have someone hold your hand as you check out PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium content for the first time.

As you know, the exclusive offers like backAnd the demon soulsAnd the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesGhost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, but also dense multiplatform like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Red Dead Redemption 2, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Control and The Division: overall value and Sony’s first party numbers to dominate the moment on Those of third parties, but the option is not lacking as a starting point.


PlayStation Plus, the catalog of classics

PlayStation Plus, the catalog of classics

Of course it must be said: List classics PlayStation is not at least close to the concept of completion that we had hoped to find in PS Plus Premium and there are already a lot of gems of the past that are missing, so let’s say that the one available at the moment stands more as a first choice, not inspired by what the PS1 and PS2 offered at the time.

To say, there’s Ape Escape, Siphon Filter, and Jumping Flash! , but there’s a shortage of blockbuster productions like Gran Turismo, Tomb Raider, Tekken 3, Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, Spyro the Dragon, Silent Hill, Legacy of Ken: Spirit of River… I mean, The list of defections is too long And it should be filled quickly, given the promotional focus on this subscription item.

Broadcasting and trials

PlayStation Plus, try BioShock Infinite in streaming

PlayStation Plus, try BioShock Infinite in streaming

We then come to flowA legacy from PlayStation Now that never took off, and we ourselves a few years ago experimented with a 20Mb ADSL connection, understood why so many users in the hardest hit areas of the digital divide hit a big lake. Well, going back to using this powerful feature of the 100Mga effective fiber, it clearly gave us a different perspective.

The best thing about this technology is access speedThe fact that no downloads or installations are required: the game starts and in a few seconds it shuts down. We took advantage of this massive break to once again immerse ourselves in the unusual setting of BioShock Infinite and Batman: Arkham Knight, and it’s no surprise that two franchises ended up being forgotten for years, and our experience was rather positive.

Batman: Arkham Knight, still an exceptional title today

Batman: Arkham Knight, still an exceptional title today

Of course, there’s still a clear feeling that a similar service lends itself more to the experimental approach than anything else: the ability to try out a title on the spot and then eventually download and play it at its best, locally, withoutinput delay Which we have noticed above all without pressure products For example, in the Rocksteady title spoils the image quality when you’re driving around Gotham driving a Batmobile.

As for the Trial versionsthese are demos in the most classic sense of the term which provide an exclusive possibility to try some of the new PS5 products before deciding to buy them or not, for example Horizon Forbidden West, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Collection, Cyberpunk 2077, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland and a few other names We hope here too that the catalog will be enriched soon.

Initial sensations

PlayStation Plus, Horizon Forbidden West Available in Trial

PlayStation Plus, Horizon Forbidden West Available in Trial

On the one hand Ease or convenience There’s no doubt that the new PlayStation Plus is worth every penny it costs: while you won’t be able to count on an entirely similar content/price ratio to that of Xbox Game Pass, the extra levels and especially the premium ones make for an offer that’s hard to refuse. , especially with regard to first-party production.

There is obviously a huge curiosity about how the service will manage in the coming months, if the list of classics and the list of third-party games will be greatly enriched, which will be the next PS5 exclusive to debut in the catalog, also like whether this small interest will also arrive from Where the interface or not.

However, even if time stops absurdly at the status quo, the new PlayStation Plus contents will justify the cost of a great subscription.

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