Postal brochures, here’s the bad news: Here’s what happens

Even if the “money” argument is inevitably central to every form of citizen, Italians usually don’t care much about the words inflation, investment, and other terms related to the financial world. However, the “disqualification” of one’s savings so that they do not lose their value is a public thing, which is why postal books have been a form of tool that has been widespread in our country for many years. But what are they?

What is?

Much simplified, it is a “limited” form of the traditional bank savings book or an interest-bearing coupon, provided by Poste Italiane, which forms a “family” of tools specifically created to provide citizens with a safe and inexpensive tool. way of piggy bank. In fact, the postal brochure is “controlled” by the Italian state which also acts as a “guarantor” and cannot be booked. In addition, it has no costs in the opening and closing phases, and because it is equipped with an IBAN, it can be used to receive salary and pension credit (not surprisingly, it is the tool normally used for this last function).

Postal brochures, here’s the bad news: Here’s what happens

They do not have fixed costs as stated, but the stamp duty must be paid once a year if the average stock is greater than €5,000. However, even postal books have a kind of “expiration” if they have not been used for 10 years, and if they have a balance of at least 100 euros. In this case, Poste Italiane decided to organize the brochures called in a deep sleep and prepare them for closing if they are not dealt with on a predetermined date and sent through a paper communication sent to all holders of these “expired” instruments.

For 2022, the deadline “started” last June 21, and all sleepers were closed. The associated amounts are transferred to the CONSAP Fund, but the owners can still get their money back from the CONSAP Fund through written communication.

Idle Post Office books up to 2022 can be “referred” to this is the address.

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