Products most affected by increases and how to save

The inflation rate in Friuli was 8%.

Inflation reached 8% in Friuli. While the news was not unexpected, the news has an equally devastating effect on the wallet. Prices for food, transportation, utility bills, and vacations are rising. Purchasing power From families strongly drop. And data for the month of June, reported by the Institute of Statistics, indicates that the increase in inflation rose by 8% compared to the same month in 2021, It takes the country back to 1986. Leap 36 years back.

What is weighing on our wallet?

What are the effects? on mortgages, for example, which is increasingly driving away those who want a home from achieving their dreams. Fixed 20-year loans now cost about 45 cents more than they did at the beginning of June. In fact this means that If you request a loan of 150 thousand euros For a house worth 200k, I have to pay 649 euros a month in 30 years instead of 605.

for daily shopping The situation does not change. In some cases, the increments are double digits, and worse, they affect basic necessities. How seed oil who recorded it in june an increase of 68.6% compared to June 2021. It is followed by butter at 27.7%.. there Flour + 20.5%. Then there is another cornerstone of our diet: the pasta which costs on average 18.3% more. Chicken prices increased by 15.1%, while the price of rice increased by 13.7%. How not to notice an increase in ice cream these days by more than 13.4% compared to last year. Fruit juices increased by 9.4% H 8.3% mineral water.

How to save.

This means that every family as a whole must take into account that in 2022 they will spend an additional 681 euros on food and drink only.. That’s why Shopping in discount stores Increased: + 10% in 2021. Brands also have a slight impact on consumers, who begin to prefer supermarket brand products, which cost on average 20 or 30% of the most popular brands.

There are other ways to save too. Since the expensive bill is also a concern, you should pay attention to using the devices in the right way. The oven consumes a lot of energy so this should be avoided. It is best to run the dishwasher and washer at full load, in the “energy-saving” time slot. Prefer LED lights Do not put the air conditioner below six degrees on the outside temperature. If we want to leave on vacation it is better to travel on Tuesday or Thursday, corporate rates will be lower. If your trip includes the car, Remember to go for self-service: you will save up to 9%.

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