Psychologist bonus 2022, how to get up to 600 euros: ask questions

How does the 2022 Psychology bonus work and what you need to do to get it. What advantages does this provision provide?

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Psychologist Reward 2022The request for funds to be used will begin in July. The verdict is very important, especially since it was fired Pandemic emergencyMany people of all races and ages have had to deal with their emotional vulnerability.

The Psychology Award for 2022A has been confirmedWithin the budget law Only for the current year later, after not being confirmed in the first place. Fortunately, government officials realized its great benefit. And now we’re talking about how to apply for its use.

INPS will provide all useful information on how to access the 2022 Psychologist Bonus. Only one stake will make the difference in terms of the voucher issued to those who are already entitled to use this form of government support. This is your income bracket.

Psychologist Reward 2022, how to get it

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Depending on what else ISEE will be useful, it will be possible to access a personal fund, the use of which is exclusively for the person himself and not transferable to others by any means, Which will be equal to a maximum of 600 euros.

This state-paid money will be used to pay for their sessions from time to time by one of the psychologists who will join the initiative.

These are the professionals who must be compulsorily registered in their professional reference register. The breakdown made on the basis of ISEE is broken down as follows, with reward tied to each income bracket:

  • Less than 15 thousand euros: a bonus of 600 euros;
  • up to 30 thousand euros: a bonus of 400 euros;
  • Between 30 thousand and 50 thousand: a bonus of 200 euros;

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How does the online application to INPs work?

Priority will be given to applicants with lower ISEE, With the arrangement available for free once INPS makes it known. To submit the appropriate application, it will be necessary to visit the official website of the National Social Security Institute and log in with the personal credentials SPID, electronic identity card and national service card.

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Alternatively, it is also possible to request a consultation To the INPS call center, which provides assistance with the most diverse services offered by the public administration. of fixed must be filled Number 803164Free.

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From a mobile phone, you have to call Number 06164164, for a fee based on the rates suggested by the operator. You should call from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays from 8:00 to 14:00. In the coming weeks, more information will arrive on how to get this bonus from INPS.

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