Pure off-road that stands out

Orders opened at the end of April, on the 22nd to be exact, and on the 22nd most often encountered on the new date Jimny Z Next Mode, a special limited edition that marks the Italian debut of an unprecedented version of the iconic Japanese off-road vehicle. NEXT Series Limited, in 22 samples Numbered, designed and built by Z.mode, an Emilia company that designs, builds and sells custom vehicles and components for the off-road world, intended in its purest form.

Jimny Z Next Mode

The NEXT Limited Series, which premiered on February 22, 2022, was born from creativity Z . mode, the Olmedo private car brand Reggio Emilia. After seeing the new Suzuki Jimny, they explained from Z.mode NEXT, “It reminded us of the old samurai, and we immediately imagined it as Pick upThus was born the exclusive muscle version of the iconic off-road vehicle, perhaps inspired by the boxy prototype seen at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019 and never made by Suzuki.

Jimny is a legend: always true to himself, the evolution of the heir of the ancient samurai has gone through more than fifty years of history without losing an iota of its charm, and without succumbing to the temptation to switch to an SUV – as they made many brilliant “colleagues” on the roads Rugged.

Now in his fourth series, Jimny is back in existence square As in the early releases, when SJ, Samurai and Santana defined the present and future of compact off-road vehicles in a few years: an option the Italian public certainly seemed to appreciate, selling out so resoundingly a demand for an apology from the Japanese house.

One made by Z.Mode NEXT is Jimny that amplifies the critical aesthetics of the latest model and is intended for the most extreme roads: built primarily for competition, it’s a true “off-road gem” complete with inner roll tape With belt attachments designed exclusively for NEXT and rear dash in ABS.

Go everywhere, attract attention

The private Pick-up version of the Suzuki Jimny It features an innovative design, which revolutionizes the aesthetics and functionality of the Japanese off-road vehicle: a raised complete set, thickly reinforced drive shafts at the front, and a Z.Mode anti-roll bar that allows you to easily tackle the most extreme roads.

Engineered for an unprecedented look and feel, the Jimny NEXT was transformed to standards derived directly from the competition, using lightweight and resistant materials that allowed the legendary Jimny to be designed in a more fluid and decisive form. In this limited edition of the Undisputed Queen of Off-Road, there is also room for style and for a in-depth detailsThe Jimny Z.Mode Next features a widened roof and larger tires, but also a tinted rear window and a leather steering wheel with matching stitching.

On the road, and obviously off the track, it demonstrates precision, road holding and simplicity of driving, as well as comfort levels unimaginable in this class. It is inevitable – in such a muscular version of Jimny – that snorkel, which moves the engine’s air intake to the top of the roof, improving fuel efficiency and allowing it to pass even in deep water. Bright yellow with the Z.Mode logo in plain view from the side, Jimny NEXT is a technology hub designed for completely off-road and at the same time a car capable of attention. The 22 samples From the special edition signed by Z.Mode, outside the official price list of the house, it can still be ordered on the website dedicated to NEXT, at a price of 62,222 euros.

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