Raw basil has an effect on the body that no one knows about, beware

In addition to being an icon of Italian cuisine, basil is also an incredible natural medicine thanks to its amazing healing properties. Basil is a very fragrant herb and its delicate leaves have a pronounced aromatic flavour. Among the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, basil was valued as a good omen of the afterlife and was used in embalming.

The Chinese and Arabs were aware of its medicinal properties, while the Crusaders stuffed their ships with it to keep away insects and foul odors. Basil belongs to the mint family and its round but slightly pointed leaves change from intense green to shades of purple.

Raw basil has an effect on the body that no one knows about, beware

This plant, as mentioned earlier, has great nutritional and health properties and is packed with many minerals and nutrients including vitamin K and manganese. It is a very good source of copper and vitamin C, as well as calcium, iron, folic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids. Recent studies have shown that the most distinctive health benefits of basil are found in two main areas: volatile oils and flavonoids.

The latter cooperate to protect cell structure and chromosomes from radiation damage and oxidative damage from free radicals. Basil essential oil was found to be effective in inhibiting the growth of Staphylococcus, Enterococcus and Pseudomonas bacteria, which are not only excessively common, but pose serious treatment complications because they have developed a high level of antagonism to antibiotics.

Finally, basil is a great source of vitamin A, thanks to its high concentration of carotenoids such as beta-carotene. The latter is an important antioxidant capable of protecting epithelial cells from free radical damage and helping to prevent oxidative action on cholesterol. Cholesterol, in fact, only generates plaques in the blood vessels once oxidized and can help increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.

Raw basil is an excellent source of magnesium, a very important mineral that has great relaxing properties for both muscles and blood vessels, and is able to support blood circulation and reduce the risk of arrhythmias. So we can say that basil is a real medicinal diamond, especially if eaten raw, it will help you with your daily needs.

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