Renato Zero: “Without Irene Fargo, the world would be empty and sad”

“Dear Irene, I know you left. The world is now more empty and sad. But wherever you go there will always be sunshine. Many pure souls like yours will welcome you. From there you will be able to see us and perhaps ease the pain of your absence. I’ll think of you and make sure my music reaches you and keeps you company! Bye, my love “. like him Renato ZeroWho was always a friend of the late artist, commented on Facebook The death of Erin Fargoand collected tens of thousands of likes.

Bye bye Shiari

And yesterday there were endless testimonies of condolences, affection and appreciation for the artist born in Palazzolo 59 years ago and raised in Chiari, a native of Flavia Pozzaglio. Producer Giovanna Nositi announced the news of the death late Friday night. The singer died in Brescia, after falling ill, and her body was taken to Khiari, at the Farewell House in Mombelli at Via Rodiano 29 / A. The funeral will be held tomorrow, Monday, 3.15 p.m. at the Chiari Cathedral dedicated to Saints Faustino and Juvita, in Piazza Zanardelli. After the funeral, you will accompany Flavia to the Temple of the Crematorium. The artist leaves his mother Francesca, daughters Eleonora and Isabella, and brother Flavio.

life with music

In music he had already taken his first steps as a child, propelled by professors who saw in her an early talent, making her the youngest voice in the Clarense Polyphonic Choir at just 11 years old. Yesterday evening, the city administration was among the first voices to greet the singer on social media. And yesterday they got to Irene Fargo, who had fans all over Italy animated messages. “Tenderness”, “good spirit” and “the voice of angels” are just some of the definitions that fans and many colleagues wanted to remember, while all the national media re-broadcast the news of the death. Particular emphasis came from the city of Vesuvius, where many recalled Irene’s passion for Neapolitan music, which was incorporated into the album «O core ‘e Napule» in 1995.

messages from abroad

There was no shortage of it Condolences from other countries: In fact, some singles were released abroad, mainly in Spain and Belgium, while in 2011 one of his interpretations became famous at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. However, apart from the verbal testimonies, which must be watched and shared on social media, it was the recordings of the songs “La donna di Ibsen” (1991) and “Come una Turandot” (1992), which twice earned Fargo the second place. Sanremo in the new offers section. Erin Fargo loved musicals and theater, to which she often devoted herself throughout her career. But her commitment goes beyond art, as she did when she helped the Cuore di Donna association with the “Remember Yourself” project or when it served as a testament to an important national campaign against violence against women: a topic that also suits her well for personal reasons. On his album “Il cuore fa”, dated in 2016, the song “Libellula” written by his brother Flavio appeared, which also addressed the topic of child sexual abuse in a subtle way.

in his city

Despite her national fame, Flavia did not underestimate the appearance in my “she” option (eg in the Fox Nova Chorus). She was often invited to cultural events, where she sang with pleasure, as well as to the retirement home “Fausto Sabio”, where she regularly went to cheer the everyday life of RSA guests through her voice.