Romina Carisi, this time really exaggerated: she “crashed” in the elevator

Romina Carisi introduced her mea culpa on social media, and admitted it’s a bit of an exaggeration. The reason is silly.

Romina Carisi posted a screenshot on her social networks depicting her while in the elevator. Good so far, except for one detail that immediately catches the eye.

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The young daughter of Albano and Romina Power, In fact, she was literally crushed. here because.

Romina Carisi exaggerates

Romina Carisi She is the last daughter of Bano and Romina Power. He not only inherited the name from his mother for sure, But also a passion for art. After all, with parents like her dad it couldn’t be otherwise, and “baby” strength – the Carisi family is among her siblings who are more “stuck” than ever in the world of television.

Actress, photographer, poet, His talents are many. In the past, she worked as a model, created six exhibitions and published several volumes of poems. But to be enshrined as a well-known face on the small screen was L’Isola Dei Famosi, in 2005. Since that year, her career has never stopped, so much so that she has let her down last year In the program crew today is another day, Hosted by Serena Bortone on Rai 1.

Meanwhile, his love life seems to be going well, So much so that it looks like he’s had a partner for quite some time. This is Stefano Rastelli, one of the directors of Today is Another Day, who has been at Rai for many years. But in the past few hours, Romina Carisi has been the heroine of a very particular event, which no one can explain. Here’s what happened.

And there’s one shot to prove it

Romina Carisi She is very active on social networks. Here it is customary to post Snapshots related to his private life, his family, and his daily life. mostly We see him with parents, siblings and friends. He rarely shares things related to his profession, which he seems to want to stay away from on social media, at least in part, but when he does, he always gets a lot of support, as evidenced by the many likes and comments under all of his posts.

In fact, the private shot she depicts is not at all related to her work, but rather to her private life. In fact, we see her in the elevator with several plants around her, intent on manipulating her, while in fact they were literally crushing her. And so his comment could not be missing: “Maybe you overdid it.” In fact, how do we blame her.

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