Shooting in a Copenhagen shopping center, several victims

Two days after the start of the Tour de France, Copenhagen is plunged into a nightmare with a shooting in a large shopping center, causing “many dead and injured”.

The police did not want to present the budget for the attack, but the words of the mayor of the city suggest that it is heavy: “It is a dangerous situation,” he said. A 22-year-old Dane has been arrested in connection with what happened in the Fields compound south of the capital in the Amager district between the city center and the airport and the police are currently not ruling out any trace, not even that. from terrorism.

The suspect acted alone, Soren Thomassen, head of law enforcement in the Danish capital, said at an enthusiastic press conference. But customers are not letting their guard down and continue to keep their alert high with the shopping center district, one of the largest in the country, which remains closed off by security lines. It was a quiet afternoon in the city. Lots of people were shopping in the mall. There are many children in the mall. No one expected the drama that would rock their lives so soon. It was just after five in the evening when he heard some shots. And the nightmare began.

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