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Sister Christina has made herself known to the general public thanks to her varied TV appearances. Here it is like you’ve never seen it before

Before she became famous thanks to her participation in the second edition of “Voice of Italy”Sister Christina has already participated in a few radio shows on as many small networks as possible. In 2013 he won the Good News Festival on TV2000 frequencies. Precisely the following year, he succeeded in the aforementioned talent show.

Sister Christina (@Websource)

Some of her shows, including Madonna’s performance in “Like a virgin,” literally entered the date of the format aired on Rai 2. Over time, she became TV personality known for its uniqueness. Of course, seeing a nun sing in TV talent is not an everyday thing, but with great determination and courage, Sister Christina showed that anything is possible.

Born in Sicily in the municipality of Vitoria, the woman released two albums. The first dates back to 2014 titled Sister ChristinaWhile the second came out in 2018 with the title “happy”from which he extracted a song of the same name, among others.

Sister Christina, you’ve never seen her so tanned before

Presently, Sister Christina has not appeared on the small screen for quite some time. In an old interview with microphones “Sunday in” She explained to her the meaning of singing: “For me, singing is a way of evangelizing, of communicating with others that devoting one’s life to Christ does not mean death and closing in on oneself, but putting gifts at the service of others,” her phrases are reported by the portal.

Her last television appearance dates back to 2020, when she was a guest in one of the episodes of the program conducted by Enrico Papi. “Guess my age – Guess my age” On TV8 frequencies. Here too, as usual, she presented herself in the traditional attire of a nun. However, some time ago, a photo circulated on the web depicting her as a young girl, before she clearly got her grades.

Sister Christina (@Websource)

with the Her bare stomach and makeup on her face It is unrecognizable to say the least, even if the passion for music is always the same. In the photo above we see her with the microphone in her hand bent on singing. To complete the look of the very young girl Sister Christina There’s flashy jewelry and long enameled nails, a costume no one has seen in her for many years now.

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