Surprising news, a new team is born in Rome: it will start in the fourth division

Not only Rome and Lazio, the capital is preparing to receive one of them The new football truth: will be born Rome City.

according to Corriere dello SportThe new club will be established by Tonino Donioan Italian businessman who witnessed an increase in his assets America. He returned to Italy specifically to fulfill his dream, which is to be able to find one Football club all his possessions.

Rome City

The new team will start their adventure starting from Series D, hoping to be able to climb the categories in the shortest possible time. The company will then be able to rely on a very modern training structure, which is ryano sports center.

These are Donio’s words in the wake of this new adventure:

“Mine is about trying to build something from the bottom up and with the right approach. I speak Italian, but my mindset as an entrepreneur grew up in the United States. At the moment I am studying to understand the logic of a world I know little inside, even if I have always followed football and am a Giallorossi fan.“.

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